You know what? I don’t mind walking. As in, as part of my job. Every day there’s a call for anyone who wants to walk around the grounds, and about half of our residents take up the offer (usually the half who didn’t go the day before). They don’t walk all that fast, so I used to hate that job…but then I began to notice how much better they were once they got back. It improves everyone’s mood so much, so…it’s fine. I’ll walk slow, because  guess it’s a good thing they’re all getting fresh air. Hey, it’s probably a good thing I’M getting fresh air.

Helps me to notice stuff around the gardens as well. Like, how the trees have lapped up all this stupid sun and are growing like nothing else, thanks for nothing, thunderstorms. Had to call in the tree pruners in Melbourne, which was a bit embarrassing. I should be abl to do jobs like thay by myself or whatever, but this time…didn’t work. Tried to prune a branch and my shears just snapped in half. Threw in the towel, just like that. Okay, maybe like, an axe would’ve been a better option. It was a pretty thick branch. Still, I thought I could just whittle it away or something. It had to go because Greta walked straight into it last week. She should’ve brought her glasses, but still, a giant branch just sticking out over the path is asking for trouble round here.

Maybe I need an axe. All these tools in this tool shed and I don’t have an axe. Axes are cool, even though when the tree felling tree pruning people came they had more advanced stuff. And sure they do, because that’s their job. I’m a general handy guy, so I think I need to petition for an axe to be added to my repertoire. I think it’d be…important. Maybe I’ll head along to Crummings and see what I can find. Then we may not even need the Melbourne tree removal people, because I’ll have an axe, and I’ll be crazy good at using it. Unless it’s like a huge gum tree or something…