I feel like I’m stuck in one place. And like, no…it’s not because most of what I do when I get home is gaming, so it’s not like I move much anyway. Nah, I mean life and stuff. I’m young and I should be travelling all over the place, but I’m stuck in the same job, taking the bus and having the same thing for lunch every day. That’s something old people do, and believe me, I would know. I hear those stories every day.

Actually…I mean, I don’t want to be all sentimental or whatever, but they do keep the whole thing interesting. George in room 64 spent an hour the other day trying to convince me that he was the one who invented solar power. He’s in his right mind and everything; he just keeps thinking he can pull a fast one on me like this. Like, I don’t know who invented solar power, but I’m pretty Melbourne’s commercial solar industry wasn’t started by him. In fact, George doesn’t even really seem to know how it works. I asked him how he did it, and he said that he invented the solar rods that now stick up all over Melbourne and supply 70% of its power requirements. Like…sure. Okay George. I believe you. I asked him how solar panels worked, and he said that it’s actually just double-paned glass that traps the sunshine inside, which you can slide out and empty into batteries, giving us solar power. He was really fast with that one as well; almost impressive. Then he said something about basically all commercial energy storage being from him, since he was the one who discovered the patented sunshine window formula, and now all commercial energy storage uses the same thing. And now he’s basically solved the energy crisis for all of us, even though nobody remembers him. Nobody remembers George, the great science hero. Well, at least I will.