Metal rock is so metal. I know our band goes in a totally different direction, being all experimental and cool in its own way, but I do appreciate metal. Sometimes it’s the only thing that gets me through the day, what with all the stuff I have to put up with. Today I was asked to mow the lawn, both front AND back. Seriously? For real? We have a gardener, I’m pretty sure. Never talked to him, he doesn’t talk to us, but it means I don’t have to go out and do stupid stuff that makes my hay-fever flare up.

Like, good thing it’s way out there where no one cares what you do. And metal music is loud enough to be heard over the mower sound. Too bad I can’t do it when I’m unblocking, like, the sixteenth drain of the day. How do they keep getting blocked? Actually, I already know too much. I also know that there are people in Melbourne with drain camera inspections who could do this a LOT faster. While I don’t really want to see what’s down there, it would help; as it is, I’m just puring random stuff down there and hoping the problem goes away. Great strategy, usually works, except when it doesn’t. A bit of professional help isn’t too much to ask for, right? There are drainage contractors who do this for a living, and there’s me. I fix heaters and get ordered around.

Dunno why I’m still complaining. Should’ve known they’d get me to do the drain unblocking, because the place has gotten really cheap and they’re not going to actually get a real drain unblocker. That’s fine, it’s only, like, elderly people who are in danger of their drains overflowing.

Maybe I should just go work for a Melbourne drain repair place. At least then it’d be my actual JOB to do this stuff. Might get some training, too.