Dunno why, but I always feel like people are judging me in public. Does everyone feel like this? Like, whatever, I can just stare back at them and make them feel uncomfortable, but I can’t shake the feeling that they think my cap is on wrong, or I haven’t shaved properly or whatever. And then it gets weirder because that feeling goes away when I’m at work.

Guess I’m in uniform and dealing with a lot of elderly people who…uh, they’ve learned to make it look like they’re not judging people? Or maybe they literally don’t judge. They do talk about themselves and their families a lot, so maybe that’s it. Until the families come in to visit, and you better believe that THEY judge me out of the corner of their ey
es. I get that. I’m looking after their old relative and maybe they don’t think I’m good at my job. I like to think I am, or…whatever.

Oh man, speaking of which, I was dusting Ethel’s room when she told me about how she used to be one of Melbourne’s home styling experts. Like, she was famous and everything. No idea if she actually WAS, because Ethel likes to exaggerate a bit, but she describes her job like she was a rock star who went into people’s homes and got them sold in three seconds by shifting the sofa a bit to the left and repainting the door.

Okay, let’s be fair…I know for a fact that homes used to sell way quicker than they do now, which is weird because there are more people now, but anyway, doesn’t matter. So back ages ago when Ethel was doing property styling, I bet the job was way easier. You’ve put your home up for sale, maybe it’s $5000 or some stupid amount because things used to be like that. Did they have dollars then?? Maybe 100 shillings or something. But it’s some niche property or something. Call in a home staging person, they tell you it’s because you need to update to the latest 1960s style of curtain and boom. Job done. They probably have it WAY harder now, but the way Ethel tells it…it’s like she was a war hero or something.