handrailsI don’t really know exactly how a lot of old traditions got started, but sometimes I feel like they were made by some wacky mad-lib.

I mean, like…who was the first person to look at a wagon or whatever and be all like ‘hey, we should make a big metal thing running off some kind of oil, give it a shell and make it run on four wheels!’ I mean, did people think it was ridiculous back then? Even sounds ridiculous now. Or, I dunno…who said that we should put our food in a box with weird coils at that back, and that’ll keep it cool? Somebody did. Some weird person who’s now probably super rich.

Yesterday I was looking after a guy who told me that he was the main reason that Melbourne has stainless steel balustrading. Which sounds…uh, kind of out there. But apparently he helped perfect the technique of stainless steel. Told me all about how it was made, and he seemed like he knew what he was talking about, too. So it’s the same, kind of. Somebody (this guy?) looked at a handrail, just an innocent handrail, and thought ‘hmm, it’s be great if this here metal couldn’t be stained’. And then they actually went and did something about it. I don’t know how inventions come about, but it was probably tested by some guys in a lab coat or whatever. Then they’re all like’ yep, totally stainless’, and the grand council of inventing things was all cool with it, so they had it installed everywhere.

And from then on, Melbourne had stainless steel handrails. Just like that. I guess when the world gets a good thing, it makes sense to chuck it out there.