So…we lost Fabio today. Again.

I swear, that guy needs to be mounted on rails so he can only go certain places in the home, because he’s some kind of escape artist. Like…third time this month, or something. Crazy.

And the guy is 96, so you wouldn’t think he’d move very fast. Today we found him over by the lake, trying to put together a bunch of twigs and pieces of bark. Apparently he wants to go back to his sailor days. So that’s fun, I guess. I’m not usually looking after Fabio, but it’s happened when I’m filling in. He used to captain those big cruise ships when he was younger, so he’s always going on about the plate alloy boats he sees on the TV and how they’re terrible compared to back in his day.

I don’t think he’s been to the docks in a while, but that’s how it is with people here. Everyone’s an expert. He tells some good stories though. I don’t believe them, or anything, but they’re pretty good. Has everyone listening in the common room. Apparently he was doing a cruise of the Bahamas one time and he fought off a bunch of pirates and saved the cruise ship. Huh, yeah, sure.

This guy could go on a fishing trip and come back with a story about how he fought off a hundred foreign invaders with nothing but a fishing rod holder and some string. Makes me think we should organise a fishing trip so that Fabio could show everyone his amazing skills, but no one else thinks it’s a good idea. At 96, there are some things you just can’t really do any more. Fighting off legions of Japanese soldiers with a fishing rod holder- which isn’t what a fishing rod holder is FOR, anyway- is something left to the younger folks.

Also, there’s not a war on, so…there’s that.