needlingAnd as if I don’t spend enough time at work, I now have to spend…more time at work! Yeah, well, whatever. It’s not like I have anything to do when I’m not jamming with the band. Although now that TV show streaming is here, I like, have a tonne of shows to catch up on. So staying back really sucks.

Apparently the big boss wants everyone to come to this dry needling course, or whatever. Not everyone will be doing the actual dry needling part- which is good, because I don’t wanna be put in charge of making people better with sharp stuff- but we all have to learn how it works.

So it’s like that ancient Chinese thing…acupuncture, or whatever. But we’ve been told that it’s not like that at all. Whatever, i guess we’ll learn the difference when we actually do the course. I was asked to be a guinea pig, so of course I was all like ‘no way, bro’. Someone else can lie there and have needles stuck in them to relieve their trigger points, or however they do it. I mean, I don’t really mind learning about this, so if there’s ever a dry needling emergency (not even sure what that looks like…) I suppose I could step in. And apparently these people have been doing dry needling courses in Auckland and they’re pretty popular. So what’s next? Maybe those weird isolation tanks that make you have weird dreams? Nah, probably not. Besides, needles aren’t as expensive as big, heavy tanks.