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I’m Not the Flower Guy

So, I’ve decided that we’re incredibly short-handed at work. This is mainly because we lost a few staff members i that big changeover thing, and then a few more left, and now…well, we’re all doing really dumb things, because there’s… Continue Reading →

Awesome Band Names

So we’re going to have an expo. Not even sure what that is, but I’m guessing a bunch of people are coming around to show stuff. It’s mostly for the benefit of the carers, but there’s going to be a… Continue Reading →

Lots of Green Stuff

Oh yeah, we moved. Honestly, if I’d paid more attention to what people were saying in the staff room, this wouldn’t have been a surprise. They were talking about it for ages. But hey, I hardly go in there except… Continue Reading →

Painting Changes Everything

Oh, and NOW they’re calling in the painters. This is just the worst. One minute they’re promising a move to a new building, and now they’re spending squillions of dollars on making the building barely habitable. My dreams of a… Continue Reading →

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