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The Lady and the Lamp

Everyone’s always complaining about something. Maybe once you get old you just lose that filter or whatever, you know…the one that makes you zip your lip and stop moaning about every little thing. They do it in a nice sort… Continue Reading →

Melbourne’s Premier Home Stylist?

Dunno why, but I always feel like people are judging me in public. Does everyone feel like this? Like, whatever, I can just stare back at them and make them feel uncomfortable, but I can’t shake the feeling that they… Continue Reading →

Once a Party Entertainer…

You’d be surprised how often I can find the old folks here acting childish. It sort of reassures me, actually…I don’t want to get old and become a really stuffy person or whatever. Nah, I want to still have a… Continue Reading →

Gianna’s Makeup Talks

I don’t often get stuck to one person for a whole day, but…it’s happened. Hooray. There’s an old Italian lady called Gianna who just talks constantly. And, like, I mean constantly. Literally. She has this weird compulsion to keep talking… Continue Reading →

Don’t Associate Me with Makeup

We have this lady called Rosita who seems to like me, for some reason. Like, I only look after her sometimes and all of it is just like ‘here’s your bed linen, I fixed your heater, whatever’, but afterwards she’s always… Continue Reading →

Allan, Pirates and Sharks

We have this guy here, Allan…he’s probably the funniest resident in the whole home. He’s always got a story, they’re always new and he’s, like, always willing to tell them to you with so much enthusiasm. Seriously, we have to… Continue Reading →

Good Old Gill

Yep, it’s story time again. I used to think they were to be sat through while you got more and more bored, but now I like them. People will often talk while I’m cleaning up the room, doing whatever I… Continue Reading →

The Living Library

Landscaping is going well, in case you were wondering. I actually helped with a bit of the planning, and it turns out that I had a bit of a talent for, like, placing stuff in places and making sure things… Continue Reading →

How Melbourne Got its Handrail Groove

I don’t really know exactly how a lot of old traditions got started, but sometimes I feel like they were made by some wacky mad-lib. I mean, like…who was the first person to look at a wagon or whatever and… Continue Reading →

Boat Trailers and Stuff

We had an ocean trip recently, which was for all the elderly people who were able to travel. I guess it’s good to get outside once in a while, or whatever. So I went along on the bus, because I’m… Continue Reading →

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