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The Ultimate Rock ‘N Roll Window Truck

I’ve always really liked the idea of being able to glare at people without them knowing I was doing it. Back when I thought the Liquid Scorpions were going to be huge, I had all these ideas about the stuff… Continue Reading →

Adulthood, So Much Paperwork

Man, being an adult is so hard. Like, why is there so much paperwork? If I was in charge of the place, I’d just make a gigantic office of people who deal with all this stupid financial stuff. Then you… Continue Reading →

Getting a Sign Stuck in Your Head

The thing I hate most, maybe out of, like, everything? Getting a bad song stuck in my head. There’s this ultra-dumb one on the radio lately about calling someone on a mobile phone, really bad and the lyrics suck. And… Continue Reading →

An Actual Birthday This Year

So yeah, birthday coming up soon. Honestly I’m not all that bothered. Like, it’s the day you were born like seventeen years ago, whatever. Sometimes my friends remember and we go out or something, but most of the time even… Continue Reading →

Not Going Back in the Drain

Ohhhh no. They want me to do it again. They want me to stick my arm down the drain…AGAIN. Have they forgotten what happened last time? They actually couldn’t, because some joker put pictures of me with my arm stuck… Continue Reading →

Clean Stuff is Good

Okay, so I’m not…the cleanest person. And I don’t mean personal hygiene, there I’m fine. Gotta look good for the ladies, y’know? Nah, my room is a mess, my work cupboard…also a mess. Funny how I do a job that… Continue Reading →

That Guy on the Pier

I felt like I needed to, like, clear my head a bit, so I went on a trip to the coast. The band wasn’t meeting up to jam, so I needed something to fill my time. Aimlessly wandering around seemed… Continue Reading →

A Slump, and a Gift

Gotta say, I’m in a bit of a slump. I dunno, things just don’t seem to be going anywhere, y’know? Like, I just go to work, do that thing, come home, play X-Box, go to bed. There’s also eating food… Continue Reading →

Alternate Future Ramblings

I’ve been wondering recently…if I, like, committed a super bad crime and had to run away and change my name and all that, how would I go? Not that I’m planning anything anytime soon. Okay, let’s say…I forget who I… Continue Reading →

Staying For the Socks

So now when I’m at work, all I can think about is what I really want to do with my life. It’s like I’ve opened some gate or whatever, and now all I can see are career options and all… Continue Reading →

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