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Almost Got Myself a Cool Job?

Wrong numbers are fun, sometimes. Like, I don’t answer my phone all that often, because seriously, it’s 2017. Just text. Actually, don’t even do THAT, because nobody does it any more. Just use What’s-Up, or…whatever people are using nowadays. But… Continue Reading →

Future Limo Dreams

I was digging through my old stuff the other day when I came across some old schoolwork. No idea why I kept that stuff around, because I hated school and learning in general, but leafing through it was pretty interesting… Continue Reading →

Choice, and Picking a Great House

Man, being rich must be hard. They make it look pretty good, but when your bank account is literally full of money…sort of like how mine will be once the band gets super big…that’s a lot of decision making. It’d… Continue Reading →

Living the High Life for a Few Minutes

There’s a guy who sings a song about having loads of money. It’s like…’I wanna be a trillionaire…’ or something. Great song, and I really feel like it hits me right there. Not because I’m in love with money or… Continue Reading →

Girls on the Brain

I had a girlfriend once. It was awful. For a while, Liquid Scorpions have been sort of a singles group. Maybe we’re all so dedicated to our music, or we’re all just busy, but none of us have girlfriends. Keeps… Continue Reading →

Our Band and its Rockin’ Metal

I gotta be honest…I was expecting our band to have picked up a bit of cred by now. It’s not like there’s anyone doing the same thing as us. Liquid Scorpions is pretty much exactly what the title promises: a… Continue Reading →

Our Future Mansion

Gotta say, this new place is pretty impressive. Some of the old folks aren’t enjoying it too much, but we’re doing our best to make the change easier. One of them grabbed me by the arm while I was walking… Continue Reading →

Not Going for Guyliner

My band is going through a bit of a dry spot. The Liquid Scorpions are gonna be big, I know it, but lately we’ve had a pretty bad run of not being accepted into any of our major gig spots…. Continue Reading →

The Liquid Scorpions

I’m not always going to be some aged care worker, y’know. I have plans. I have this rock band, our name is Liquid Scorpions and we rock. Like, literally. But also…figuratively? Anyway, we’re a prog rock-folk-jazz-screamo band, with a bit… Continue Reading →

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