Lorne accommodationTrips out are still pretty rare around here, and for good reason. Some of these people have trouble getting out of bed, let alone going down to the seaside or whatever. Every few months there’s some big event, kind of like a stay-at-home-holiday if that makes any sense. We dress the place up whole everyone is asleep, all tropical and stuff, and we do special ‘island’ activities. I suggested the limbo last year, but for some reason people thought that was a bad idea.

Except now, it looks like we will be able to make a trip, for anyone who wants to come. I think I’ll get out of it because…maintenance, you know? Someone has to stay behind to fix stuff. But turned out that one of our old guys has some swish connections at some luxury accommodation in Lorne. Like, his family is rich, and they know people who own the hotels or something. I really don’t know, since I was on my phone during the meeting. The basic gist is that a load of them are going down to Lorne on a heavily-supervised trip and they’ll do stuff on the beach or whatever. Or maybe it’s a day-trip? Again, I should’ve been paying more attention.

I think it’s nice. They don’t really get out much, these people, and though they don’t really seems to want to, I think some of them do. Lorne is a lot further than most of them get to go, so it’s cool. They’ll have a good time, some good weather and maybe it’ll stave off getting stir crazy.

Like I am. Huh. Maybe I could get myself onto the trip list after all? Okay, the fact that I’m even considering this is really weird. Like, me, in a hotel in Lorne, with work. A working holiday, which isn’t a real holiday. That’s still really weird.