Wrong numbers are fun, sometimes. Like, I don’t answer my phone all that often, because seriously, it’s 2017. Just text. Actually, don’t even do THAT, because nobody does it any more. Just use What’s-Up, or…whatever people are using nowadays.

But this time I answered, because I guess I was in a good mood or whatever. Turned out it was some Melbourne recruitment agency trying to offer me a job. Sounds pretty cool, right? I’m a pretty big deal, yeah. I heard them say it and for a moment I was all like ‘awesome, they want me to be the music manager for some big band, and that’ll be how we get the big gigs’. I don’t want to brag, but I’ve been organising support bands for our local pub for a while now. Like, I’ve done it twice.

But nah, they weren’t looking for me. Just some guy with a different name who’s about to get an awesome job, if they actually find the right number. I dunno, it’s probably some boring office job that pays you loads but you never get to spend it because you’re always working and doing, like…presentations and stuff. Showbiz isn’t about recruitment places. It’s all about WHO you know.

Anyway, sounds good, for him. It was, like…a Melbourne marketing recruitment agency. They do marketing and stuff, which is kind of like what I need, but not. Actually, they said something about digital marketing, which is where all the clicks are nowadays. Maybe I should get hiring someone with these guys; like, we have a site for the Liquid Scorpions, but no one ever goes to it and it’s basically just some text and a picture with our latest gig date. Which is…last July. Huh. Don’t know how to change that.

Doesn’t matter, wrong number. Though if I’d said that was me and they had the right number…would I have gotten a crazy good job??