dog walkingSince this is a private blog and I can’t really talk to anyone about this…ah heck, I need to get it out.

So I really love dogs. Like it’s not just that I see a dog and think ‘aw, that’s nice. Cool breed, bro’. I mean I think they’re really, REALLY cool. I don’t usually describe anything as ‘cute’, but dogs fit the bill. And most of what they want is to just be your buddy. How amazing is that?? People think I’m just a scary, antisocial teenager, so I don’t have many real friends. But whenever I meet a dog, all they want to do is be friends with me. Every single one of them.

Whenever i see one of those dog walkers around Melbourne, I get so jealous. Imagine your JOB being to walk dogs, all day, every day. And you get to be surrounded by like three-to-four of them. Sure, I get that some dogs are badly behaved, and there’d be a lot of walking around in the rain, but still, they’re dumb animals (‘dumb’ here meaning not speaking, not the…other dumb). You can’t really blame them, just have patience.

I mean, I could be the PERFECT dog walker. I’m really attentive to details, I love dogs, I love the outdoors. I find it really easy to tell what a dog wants, and I love to walk around in all weather, so that’s not a problem. In fact, I often just find that I really love taking care of something that needs taking care of, especially when you can really see that you’re making a difference. I guess in that way…I’m doing that job right now. But you know what I mean. I could do walking dogs around Melbourne. Abe’s dog walking, that could be me.

It could be.