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November 2015

Girls on the Brain

I had a girlfriend once. It was awful. For a while, Liquid Scorpions have been sort of a singles group. Maybe we’re all so dedicated to our music, or we’re all just busy, but none of us have girlfriends. Keeps… Continue Reading →

Event planing in Melbourne

I have been an event planner now for a very long time. I first started in the year 1991 and have organisised everything from traditional Melbourne marquee hire through to the back yard birthday bash. I love my job as… Continue Reading →

Noticing Healthy Skin, or Whatever

I stick my foot in it so much, I wonder why my foot just isn’t permanently stuck in…whatever it is you stick your foot in. The ground? No, wait…it’s your mouth. Your foot goes in your mouth when you say… Continue Reading →

An Actual Birthday This Year

So yeah, birthday coming up soon. Honestly I’m not all that bothered. Like, it’s the day you were born like seventeen years ago, whatever. Sometimes my friends remember and we go out or something, but most of the time even… Continue Reading →

Planting Those Saddles

Managed to score a lot of time outside today, which was pretty cool. The weather was cloudy but warm, which is like the best weather you can possibly get, in my opinion. Like, you can’t get sunburned, but it’s still… Continue Reading →

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