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August 2015

Good Old Gill

Yep, it’s story time again. I used to think they were to be sat through while you got more and more bored, but now I like them. People will often talk while I’m cleaning up the room, doing whatever I… Continue Reading →

Being the Responsible One

Work was rubbish today. Not because of anything that actually happened, but because I knew what I was going home to. Klein is at home. Have I mentioned him before? Deadbeat brother, long hair, can;t hold down a job? Like…chronically… Continue Reading →

Clambering Once Again

Today I climbed on the roof. Yeah, that was a thing. If I had a mum, I’d go home and tell her they made me climb on the roof and she’d flip out and tell me to quit my job… Continue Reading →

Fact: I Forget My Name Badge

It’s getting strict around here. And I really mean…strict. There’s some word that means super strict, and I think it has dragons in the name, but whatever that word is, this is that. Well, it’s okay, but yesterday I forgot… Continue Reading →

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