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July 2015

Being Proactive For Once

Phew…dodged a bullet on that one. They decided professional in to do the plumbing, especially considering what happened last time. Whatever. So, I’m back on general maintenance again. It’s where I prefer to be, so all good. All really good…. Continue Reading →

Not Going Back in the Drain

Ohhhh no. They want me to do it again. They want me to stick my arm down the drain…AGAIN. Have they forgotten what happened last time? They actually couldn’t, because some joker put pictures of me with my arm stuck… Continue Reading →

Clean Stuff is Good

Okay, so I’m not…the cleanest person. And I don’t mean personal hygiene, there I’m fine. Gotta look good for the ladies, y’know? Nah, my room is a mess, my work cupboard…also a mess. Funny how I do a job that… Continue Reading →

Sustainable Green Energy Blah

By the way, the place we moved to is pretty great. I’ve paying more attention to the goings on in the staff room at the aged care facility. It appears everyone agrees that the move was a positive one. Everyone… Continue Reading →

My Attempt at Plumbing

Today I learned a pretty big lesson: I can’t do everything. Like, really. I can’t. We had a blocked drain in the staff kitchen, and I was pretty sure I could just reach down my arms and get whatever it… Continue Reading →

The Living Library

Landscaping is going well, in case you were wondering. I actually helped with a bit of the planning, and it turns out that I had a bit of a talent for, like, placing stuff in places and making sure things… Continue Reading →

That Guy on the Pier

I felt like I needed to, like, clear my head a bit, so I went on a trip to the coast. The band wasn’t meeting up to jam, so I needed something to fill my time. Aimlessly wandering around seemed… Continue Reading →

A Slump, and a Gift

Gotta say, I’m in a bit of a slump. I dunno, things just don’t seem to be going anywhere, y’know? Like, I just go to work, do that thing, come home, play X-Box, go to bed. There’s also eating food… Continue Reading →

Finding plans for a funeral

I found this letter at work on the weekend. It really put things into perspective for me. The old guy seems to have it all figured out. I hope when my time comes that I have this much dignity. -Abe… Continue Reading →

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