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June 2015

Alternate Future Ramblings

I’ve been wondering recently…if I, like, committed a super bad crime and had to run away and change my name and all that, how would I go? Not that I’m planning anything anytime soon. Okay, let’s say…I forget who I… Continue Reading →

When Cleaning is Like Sport…

I swear, I’m not much of a sport person. Or at least, not much of a team sporting person. I guess I’ve never worked well in a group, which is why most of the work I do at the old… Continue Reading →

Dry Needling, and Stuff

And as if I don’t spend enough time at work, I now have to spend…more time at work! Yeah, well, whatever. It’s not like I have anything to do when I’m not jamming with the band. Although now that TV… Continue Reading →

How Melbourne Got its Handrail Groove

I don’t really know exactly how a lot of old traditions got started, but sometimes I feel like they were made by some wacky mad-lib. I mean, like…who was the first person to look at a wagon or whatever and… Continue Reading →

Boat Trailers and Stuff

We had an ocean trip recently, which was for all the elderly people who were able to travel. I guess it’s good to get outside once in a while, or whatever. So I went along on the bus, because I’m… Continue Reading →

Staying For the Socks

So now when I’m at work, all I can think about is what I really want to do with my life. It’s like I’ve opened some gate or whatever, and now all I can see are career options and all… Continue Reading →

Abe’s Dog Walking

Since this is a private blog and I can’t really talk to anyone about this…ah heck, I need to get it out. So I really love dogs. Like it’s not just that I see a dog and think ‘aw, that’s… Continue Reading →

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