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April 2015

I’m Not the Flower Guy

So, I’ve decided that we’re incredibly short-handed at work. This is mainly because we lost a few staff members i that big changeover thing, and then a few more left, and now…well, we’re all doing really dumb things, because there’s… Continue Reading →

Buying Houses, or Something

I need to stop working near the door. I mean, we HAVE  receptionist. His name is Harvey, he’s a nice guy and I’m pretty sure his whole job is just to talk to people who wander in. Sometimes he does… Continue Reading →

Awesome Band Names

So we’re going to have an expo. Not even sure what that is, but I’m guessing a bunch of people are coming around to show stuff. It’s mostly for the benefit of the carers, but there’s going to be a… Continue Reading →

Lawns and Wrinkle-Free Shirts

Just so y’all know, I’m a big fan of minimum effort. Like, if there’ a job to be done, and there’s a way that it can be finished that means more time left over…well, I’m all about cutting those corners…. Continue Reading →

Lawn Mower Bust, Need Stump Removal

So that ball’s off. Something about the elderly people not really beign up to ballroom dancing. So we’re just having a regular party instead, which is fine because I wasn’t looking forward to dressing formal. Not my thing, and it… Continue Reading →

Having a Ball

Welp, looks like we’re having a ball. Like, with dresses and music and stuff like that. The only time I’ve seen one of those has been in Cinderella, which I watched when I was five before pulling the tape out… Continue Reading →

Our Future Mansion

Gotta say, this new place is pretty impressive. Some of the old folks aren’t enjoying it too much, but we’re doing our best to make the change easier. One of them grabbed me by the arm while I was walking… Continue Reading →

Talking About MY Generation

Y’know what I really hate? When people assume I’m just some punk without any feelings, so they can say whatever the heck they like. I was on the bus this morning and an older lady (y’know, like the ones I… Continue Reading →

Lots of Green Stuff

Oh yeah, we moved. Honestly, if I’d paid more attention to what people were saying in the staff room, this wouldn’t have been a surprise. They were talking about it for ages. But hey, I hardly go in there except… Continue Reading →

Moving After All

So, like…we ARE moving now? I can’t keep up with all the stuff going on, but I heard in the staff room that all the renovations and whatever that are being done to the building are being paid for by… Continue Reading →

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