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February 2015

Toolbox Thief on the Scene

I don’t think I’m the handyman any more. At least, I’m like 90% sure. I got to work today and found that some new guy was using my toolbox to fix the heater. The boss said he’s a guy they… Continue Reading →

All I want to know about the rubbish being removed

I’d been sitting on my couch for about an hour, watching my mother rush around the house, kicking rubbish and yelling about the state of the place. Clearly, I hadn’t been expecting company when my mother had dropped in for… Continue Reading →

The Liquid Scorpions

I’m not always going to be some aged care worker, y’know. I have plans. I have this rock band, our name is Liquid Scorpions and we rock. Like, literally. But also…figuratively? Anyway, we’re a prog rock-folk-jazz-screamo band, with a bit… Continue Reading →

I’m the Tech Guy Now

People at work seem to have gotten this idea that I’m some kinda tech wiz. Gee, you hit an air con unit with a piece of metal a few times and suddenly you’re the second coming of Einstein. I came… Continue Reading →

Cleaning the Corridors

Probably one of the best things about working in the old folks home are the super-long corridors. In my first week, I took one of the wheelchairs that nobody was using and took it for a spin down the longest… Continue Reading →

Speaking to Judith, or Whoever

I’ve been working at this old folks home for two months now. I think I’m better at it than when I started. Like, at first I was just like ‘yeah, you have pills and stuff, just go and sit in… Continue Reading →

Round Round, Get Around…

It’s actually a really bad thing that I’m stuck using public transport. I’m pretty much the worst at reading signs. I can’t count how many times I’ve got on the wrong bus and it’s taken me all the way to… Continue Reading →

Their Feet, Their Purpose

I have always been a slightly slight of build. I was never the track star, nor the king of the football ball, or whatever it’s called. I was never the man’s man, but I was a man, and I am… Continue Reading →

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