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Suddenly Just, Like, Puppies Everywhere

So, like, we have a box of puppies now. As if all the elderly folks didn’t take up enough of our time, someone just dumps a box of puppies on the doorstep. How messed up do you have to be… Continue Reading →

Solar Towers, Probably Not Real

I feel like I’m stuck in one place. And like, no…it’s not because most of what I do when I get home is gaming, so it’s not like I move much anyway. Nah, I mean life and stuff. I’m young… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Rock ‘N Roll Window Truck

I’ve always really liked the idea of being able to glare at people without them knowing I was doing it. Back when I thought the Liquid Scorpions were going to be huge, I had all these ideas about the stuff… Continue Reading →

Fabio, Fearsome Sea Captain

So…we lost Fabio today. Again. I swear, that guy needs to be mounted on rails so he can only go certain places in the home, because he’s some kind of escape artist. Like…third time this month, or something. Crazy. And… Continue Reading →

Almost Got Myself a Cool Job?

Wrong numbers are fun, sometimes. Like, I don’t answer my phone all that often, because seriously, it’s 2017. Just text. Actually, don’t even do THAT, because nobody does it any more. Just use What’s-Up, or…whatever people are using nowadays. But… Continue Reading →

More Drain Woes For Me

Metal rock is so metal. I know our band goes in a totally different direction, being all experimental and cool in its own way, but I do appreciate metal. Sometimes it’s the only thing that gets me through the day,… Continue Reading →

Some Folks Are TOO Energetic

We all know that one person. You know the one…or, like, you will once I describe them. They always have WAY too much energy, like they’re constantly on caffeine. But it’s worse, because they always get up on the absolute… Continue Reading →

The Lady and the Lamp

Everyone’s always complaining about something. Maybe once you get old you just lose that filter or whatever, you know…the one that makes you zip your lip and stop moaning about every little thing. They do it in a nice sort… Continue Reading →

Melbourne’s Premier Home Stylist?

Dunno why, but I always feel like people are judging me in public. Does everyone feel like this? Like, whatever, I can just stare back at them and make them feel uncomfortable, but I can’t shake the feeling that they… Continue Reading →

Trees, Walks, and I’m Bad at Pruning

You know what? I don’t mind walking. As in, as part of my job. Every day there’s a call for anyone who wants to walk around the grounds, and about half of our residents take up the offer (usually the… Continue Reading →

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